Plano Introduces New Bow and Gun Case for All Cases

Every time I go on a hunting trip, it’s the same story.  I pack my rifle in my hard-sided, FAA-approved gun case, check it with my luggage, and retrieve it when I get where I’m going.  Then I have to lug that same not-very-handy case around with me unless I’m going to just lay the rifle on the back seat of the truck under my hunting coat.

Finally someone has come up with a case that offers everything you need at both ends of your trip: security for airline travel, and convenience while you’re hunting.  Plano Molding recently introduced its Grab ‘N Go gun and bow cases, which definitely fall under the heading of “Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?”

bow and gun case

Plano’s Grab ‘N Go cases are soft sided, handled cases with a 600D nylon protective outer shell that are convenient and easy to carry in the field.  What makes them innovative, however, is that they’re made to fit inside Plano’s hard sided cases.  So you pack your rifle in the soft sided case, slide the whole thing into the hard sided case for travel, and when you get to the other end you literally just grab the soft sided case and go.

plano logo

“The Grab N’ Go case marries the soft case and the hard case together,” said Jesse Simpkins, vice president of marketing for Plano.  “You want the hard shell protection when you’re traveling, but you don’t want the cumbersome hard case when you get there.  The soft case inside offers the best of both worlds.”

gun and bow case

The soft cases are reinforced-stitched throughout for strength and durability.  They also have Plano’s proprietary reinforced PillarLock openings for a snug fit when matched to the proper Plano hard cases. To ensure a good fit, the soft cases have corresponding slots that match up to the tie-downs on the inside of the hard cases for secure placement in the hard case while you’re traveling.

The best news?  The price won’t break the bank.  The bow case combos retail for about $70, and the gun cases should be in the same general price range.

gun and bow case

The Grab ‘N Go gun cases just were introduced at the SHOT Show in mid January, and they aren’t on Plano’s website yet.  But you can get a good idea of how they’re going to work by looking at the bow cases, which are on the website (with a video) here.

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