MasterPiece Arms Chambers Concealed Carry Alternative in .380

When we first cast fleeting scrutiny on MasterPiece Arms it was under the auspices of a strange, new carbine they were pitching at the 2011 SHOT Show.  This carbine turned out to simply be the company’s trademark MPA MAC Mini 9mm contrived into the shape of a rifle with a new fore-end and butt-stock—that oddly enough do not detach from the pistol.

Our little faction here at voiced skepticism bordering on disdain.  On a lighter note though, we also forgot to mention that we think “MasterPiece” is a killer name for a custom gun shop.

Now, what is in fact one of the most highly accredited custom shops in the US, is shipping out a brand new concealed carry option, the MPA380P, as the newest face in their family of “Protector” models.  Chambered in .380 (the original was in .32 ACP) all parts are machined: the 4140 stainless steel upper slide, the lower receiver and the aluminum grip bearing what’s called a bead blasted finish and sealed with a clear anodize coat.

The gun holds five in the magazine, one in the chamber.  It’s double-action only and comes with one of those groovy extended magazine pads to rest your pinky on if you have big mitts. It mails in a lockable case with a lifetime warranty.

And with prices floating around $340, it’s a steal considering you are getting a small batch, machine shop quality pistol with a case and lifelong service.

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