Springfield Armory 'Gives a Little More' with New XD(M) 3.8 Compact in 9mm and .40

The very name Springfield Armory conjures up images of patriotic acts past and, since major transitions in the company during the late 60s, the consummately American armsmaker has continuously stuck chords in the military and LEO pistol markets, competing and regularly beating out the likes of Glock and Sig Sauer for the favor of law enforcement departments from all four corners of the globe.  Likewise in the US today, there’s a sizeable league of civilian devotees who swear by the company’s signature XD line of semi-automatic as the best all around option for self-defense.  And for good reason.  No frills, soundly engineered, steel meets polymer defense weapons made available in the entire rainbow of popular calibers are always going to be a hit in home of the brave, especially when they don’t require a second mortgage to own.

It was three years ago that Springfield introduced the masses to their latest iterations of this line, the XD(M) in .40 caliber and 9mm, to much fanfare and accolade and, three years hence, they are actually and truly upping the ante with a couple of new little cousins: a hybrid of the concealed carry wonder, the Sub-Compact XD, with the punch and poise of their full frame XD(M) 3.8.  And that ain’t nearly the half of it.

The XD(M) 3.8 Compact (the moniker 3.8 refers to the length of the barrel which is 3.8 inches long, not the also fashionable concealed carry caliber .380)  is chambered in, 9mm, breeding a gun that’s mean down range but friendly on the backswing, which appears set to rival Ruger’s LC9 and the chic, new Kimber Solo Carry.  However for those iron-blooded warriors looking for more bounce to the ounce (and pretty darn unique considering the concealed carry entries we’ve been seeing lately) they’re also shipping this compact model in .40 caliber.

And the goodies don’t stop there because each of these Compact models come with the option to easily transform them into their respective high capacity full-size XD(M) editions.  Put your money down on one the compact numbers and you’re actually getting two guns in one.

From our friends at the Springfield Armory, the decision to develop these guns came straight from user requests to fill the concealed carry gap in the XD(M) series (which in all fairness was missing a juice-head ccw gun). Customer input was the impetus for Springfield first chambering the line in quite possibly America’s most cherished caliber, .45  ACP, and, with petitions for a smaller XD(M) lighting up their customer service phone lines,  it was only a matter of time before Springfield took notice.

Borrowing the abbreviated frame from the Sub-compact, the 9mm model holds a flush 13 round magazine while the 19 (which means 20) round megazine converts the piece into its full-sized brethren, complete with companies trademark X-Tension.  The .40 caliber comrade fits a 11-round magazine with a 16-round converter.  Both models are less than an inch shorter than the full-sized model in the barrel.

Flaunting the full monty of the Springfield Armory’s M Factors the pistol features Dovetail Front and Rear 3-Dot sights, a forged steel slide, tilted slide serrations (both front and rear) and the familiar point and click ergonomics, all reinforcing the gun’s role as a “treads none-too-lightly” pocket pistol.

The XD(M) 3.8 Compact costs somewhere south of $700 dollars.  You can order yours from Springfield today or take a peek at the full like of Springfield products here.

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