Louisiana Bill would require Serial Numbers for All In-State Ammo Purchases

House Bill 8, tabled by Democratic Representative Juan LaFonta, would require sportsmen in Louisiana to produce the serial number on their guns before purchasing the appropriate ammunition to verify that the digits have not been altered or destroyed.  Provisions in the measure exempt antique guns and war relics but only if the proper ammunition for these firearms cannot be acquired readily in the in the U.S. or the gun is somehow deactivated.

This bill necessitates that sportsmen take their guns with them to the ammo vendor every time they need to replenish their ammunition coffers. Likewise sales clerks would more resemble convenience store operators offering cigarettes or bartenders, checking the gun’s serial number instead of a photo ID. Purchasing ammunition for more than one gun at a time would have to carry every with them to the store to be examined by the sales clerk.

The proposed penalty for violating this edict is a $500 fine and/or six months in jail.  No word on how the state would handle internet purchases.  You can view a stub of the proposed bill here.


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