Small Ducks Unlimited Collegiate Chapter Ranks High on List of Most Active (VIDEO) did the rounds at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport and Outdoors show (in the form of our man, Ace Luciano) and we got a chance to talk with Andrew Limmer, regional chair for Ducks Unlimited from the Milwaukee School of Engineering collegiate chapter.  The MSOE chapter was the first of its kind in the state of Wisconsin (suck on that, Madison) and distinguished itself this year as one of the most successful college chapters in the United States, placing 4th out of 103 other chapters and raising $22,000 in charitable contributions to the parent organization.

This feat becomes even more impressive when you consider MSOE’s size.  When you compare the school to the other top ten finishers, the Milwaukee School’s student body, with enrollment just over 5,000, is about one fifth their size—surely a testament to the members’ hard-work, character and passion for fowling.  With enthusiasm for the outdoors always a concern among hunters, it’s reassuring to see fine young people like this leading the charge and taking more of an active roll in our sport.  It’s hokey and cliche but true none-the-less: the youth are our future.

This year, Ducks Unlimited college chapters brought in about half a million dollars as a result of various fundraising.  Besides raising money for worthy causes, the MSEO chapter organizes hunts, shoots and other hunting related activities.  The university allows Ducks Unlimited members to bring their guns on campus.

If you would like to know more about Ducks Unlimited (or want to look into starting your own collegiate chapter) you can do so here.  If you are interested in the Milwaukee School of Engineering Chapter their website is here.

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