The Freedom Group announces New Home for Maine's Bushmaster Arms

Many moons ago, a younger, sprier version of alerted you to the closure of Bushmaster’s Windham Maine facility and privately nursed fears the powers that be would fold Bushmaster entirely (but we aren’t alarmists so we kept that stuff to ourselves).

Now The Freedom Group, Inc. or, as it has simply come to be known, “The Company,” announced this week that they’ve found a home for Bushmaster Arms—Remington’s historic Ilion, New York facility.  Come April 1st, Bushmaster will be trading in the North Woods for the Hudson Valley; turning in its nasally short “A’s” for long, muddy ones and it shares a conveyor belt with some of America’s best known sporting arms.

Closing the Maine facility is an act of downsizing—let’s be clear about that—eliminating of 73 jobs and importing about 50 new ones to New York.  For those folks who got laid off, condolences.  We all hope you get into something better in the near future.

In terms of gun industry playmakers, The Freedom Group arguably takes the cake as the world’s richest and most powerful.  Some names in its crackerjack line of gun-loving brands are Remington, Marlin, H&R Firearms, Barnes Bullets, EOTAC, Bushmaster Firearms International, DPMS/Panther Arms, Parker Arms, Dakota Arms and AAC.

A Freedom Group released this statement on Bushmaster’s uprooting: “The Bushmaster brand and products remain key strategic assets within the Freedom Group portfolio. The manufacturing relocation will have no impact on customers or the existing supply base.  We are committed to the Bushmaster brand, its core product offerings and bringing innovative new Bushmaster firearms to our customers.”

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