Homemade Machete Gun puts a Smile on Our Faces... and Hopefully Yours Too (VIDEO)

O that’s just fun… is what we said when we saw Joerg Sprave’s homespun machete flinging contraption send a big knife through cardboard and all the way up the hilt too.

Mr. Sprave operates the Slingshot Channel on Youtube and he does it with the frank thoroughness—the warmth really—that the German people are famous for, showcasing all manner of homemade slingshots and hurling some pretty weird and wild stuff in the process   It would appear from posts on his channel that some prince out there threw down the gauntlet a while back and challenged Mr. Sprave to design a machete loaded device—a challenge he accepted and conquered though we are really all winners here.

The gun is as simple as it gets.  Locked into place by a simple, sheath like wood block and a couple of big whopping rubberbands hooked on the blade, a simple lever mechanism raises the machete up over the wood and the tension takes over from there (which is why the “barrel” is so long).  Something tells use there were a couple of treacherous test runs before they worked the kinks out—partly evidenced by the bleeding flesh wound Sprave shows off in the video.

With tragedies from Friday the 13th to the genocide in Rwanda hell bent on sullying the machete’s once noble reputation as the domesticator of both field and jungle, we’re glad to see Mr. Sprave reclaim it a little for the good guys.   And we’d bet the farm that you (yes, you) can’t toss a machete overhand with as much force and accuracy as this creature does it (though we’re not opposed to watching you try…).

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