Winchester's New Super X3 All-Purpose Field Shotgun in 20-gauge

Reminders of spring are everpresent and, if you’re witnessing the same kind of rabbit-in-the-blood, stir craziness as we are in our neighbors and brethren, it seems like everyone you meet has shotguns on their mind.  And for those looking to take to the water, Winchester is tossing out a brand spanking new 20-gauge model in their Super X3 shotgun line.

x3 shotgun

Nearly identical in appearance to the Super X3 12-gauge, the new 20-gauge option might be called the “All-Purpose Field shotgun” but is from front to finish in design and features a waterfowler piece.  Dressed in camouflage patterns that correspond to Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity duck blinds, it arrives out-the-box with three Invector-Plus choke tubes (which is easily over $100 value right there).  A “sticky” Dura-Touch Armor coating covers the more wear-n-tear sensitive bits like the composite stock and the fore-end and promises near perfect protection from the elements that come hand and hand with sloshing your gun around the puddle all day.

winchester shotgun

Barrel lengths come in 26 or 28-inch varieties and two spacers included in the package allow you to finagle length of pull.  With the active Valve gas system the gun will cycle virtually any and all factory ammunition from light field to heavy magnums, from 1 1/8 oz., 2 ¾” field loads to weighty 3 ½  ” magnums.  It holds up to four 2 ¾” shells

winchester shotgun

winchester shotgun

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