Taurus's New Tracker 992s Go From Plinker To Varminter With the Push of a Button

Glowing industry-forged copy has pretty much seen to Taurus’s new Tracker 992 pistol getting anointed as the most versatile plinking pistol on the market today.

Like its sequential siblings, Tracker models 990 and 991, the Tracker 992 is a .22 caliber revolver only with pretty groovy catch.  A state-of-the-art push button release and a pair of 9-shot cylinder transforms the gun from economical .22 LR to varmint appropriate .22 Magnum.  We’d bet the farm that if you practiced hard enough, you could pull off a caliber swap in less than two-seconds.   Needless to say (but we gonna say it anyway) people like guns like this—guns that, for a modest fee, you can practice with half the day and then go a-wandering through woods with the other half.  Two for the price one.

Tracker 992s come in either blue or stainless steel finish and use an ordnance grade steel frame.  The revolver features Taurus’s custom Ribber Grip, which looks a little fruity but remember—the gun’s Brazilian and the grip promises to seriously reduce felt recoil and comes highly recommended if anecdotes about the Ribber on other Taurus handguns is any indication.

And as a pleasant if not unexpected surprise, varieties sport either a 4 or 6.5-inch barrel translating into an overall length of 8.9 or 11.4 inches.  It weighs between 38 to 44 ounces. The trigger is a single-action/double-action while the sights are set at a nice and low profile and are adjustable.  There is also something Taurus is calling a “vent-rib” that will take a scope mount base.

There’s also the “like all Taurus handguns” selling points: Lifetime repairs policy and Taurus’ onboard key-lock Security System. Best of all though, you can get yours for about $550 here.

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