Kimber's Latest: Super Carry Pro Alloy Framed 1911 in .45 ACP

Carry weapons are generally designed to be carried concealed, but we’d be hard-pressed not to carry Kimber’s Super Carry Pro in-hand.

Of course, that would lead to a lot of confusion and shrieking and heads bouncing off cruiser trunks, then out come the handcuffs, the ride to the holding cell, the fuss about attorneys, sharing a toilet with a junkie and a guy who’s pretty strict about what needs to be insured and what doesn’t, but damn, have a look at this:

Kimber's Super Carry Pro

Wouldn’t you just love to walk around holding this?  The lucky bastards over at got their mitts all over, and I mean all over one of these lovely .45s and took it to the range.  Shocker, they enjoyed it.

“If you are looking for a pistol versatile enough to provide on and off-duty carry that is reliable and accurate, quick into action, chambered for the venerable .45 ACP, and comfortable enough for all day, everyday carry, the Kimber Super Carry Pro should be on your short list!”

super carry pistols

The gun’s three main distinctions are in its curved, almost organic backstrap, shortened 4″ barrel for easier concealing, and aluminum alloy frame.  The gun’s dry weight including magazine is only 28 ounces—polymer pistol territory—which is just amazing.  It of course has night sights and of course has slender, high-end wooden grips, but Kimber went on to round off the corners and use low-profile irons.

The serrations are scaled, and so is the top of the slide.  It’s said that this reduces glare, but really it must be an excuse to decorate another surface.  Accompanying the competition style hammer is a solid, curved trigger. Rounding out the features includes a match-grade bushingless bull barrel, high undercut trigger guard, and here, here’s the whole spec sheet.

handgun enhancements

But all the fancy Kimber customizations aside, it’s really the weight that stands out the most.  Guns under two pounds can be carried all day by anyone using a good holster.  Even though Dan Wesson’s V-Bobs really set the trend for small, concealable 1911s, the Super Carry Pro goes the extra distance by choosing aluminum for its frame.

Some people will shirk from it because of that.  Lighter guns also have more muzzle flip.  But we’re thinking that with an MSRP of a hair over $1,500, people buying this gun probably already have one or two, maybe even one just for the range.

round heel frame

And alloy frames shouldn’t be a concern anymore.  Like polymer, many proven duty pistols have used alloys in their frames, even for pistols designed around .45 ACP.  Besides, the person who complains that it shows wear after a couple thousand rounds of +P has more money than common sense anyway.

This is a firearm that’s meant to be carried 24/7.  Really, if you carry it in bed, we understand.  Just don’t let it gravitate to your palm in public.  You can wait ’til you get home to fondle it.  Seriously, it’s not weird at all, and we won’t tell anyone.  You… you don’t mind if we watch, do you?


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