Scare Your Neighbors with the Povodokus Dog Leash

Art Lebedev Studios specializes in designs that impart a dark futurist sensibility that only those born East of the Iron Curtain can pull off.  With studios in Moscow and Kiev, the consortium of artists and industrial and commercial designers have released prototypes of a retractable handgun shaped dog leash, replete with a red nylon.

It’s still up in the air as to whether we should say the conceptual piece “has been called” or we should say it “has been titled,” Povodokus by its creators because despite a thorough search for a translation, we still have no idea what it means but suspect it is loaded with important innuendos.  The device is also a little more serious than your-run-of-the-mill mechanical dog leash: the lead pulls out with your mutt like the domestic variety but a tug on the trigger stops the lead and starts reeling him in.

From what we’ve been reading, we doubt very much you’ll be seeing these at PetCo anytime soon—but we can hope.  Keeping Fido in your sight picture at all times is sure to keep him honest about dropping off the baked goods where-ever he damn well pleases.

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