Raptor Resource Project streaming Eagles, 24/7 (LIVE VIDEO)

Founded back in 1988, Raptor Resource Project is a non-profit conservation group that specializes in the preservation of birds of prey like eagles, falcons, hawks, ospreys, and owls.   Across the country they manage nests and conservation efforts to reintroduce wild raptors to regions of the country that, in the past, have had trouble sustaining large populations of these vital components of the food chain.  This is important work with reverberating effects for all manner of wildlife: ask any biologist (or woodsman) and they’ll tell you the sign of a lot of apex predators is a sign of a healthy, functional ecosystem.

Click play on the video below to see eagles live:

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Currently, the group maintains a 24-hour streaming camera pointed at a never been banded pair of mating bald eagles, who made their nest in a cottonwood tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa in 2007.  Since then, the camera has caught three different hatchings and countless hours of quotidian eagle behavior, captivating to casual observer and researcher alike. The main camera is automated with Infrared for nighttime viewing (they assure us the eagle cannot see the infrared) and it’s fixed to one of the nests supporting limbs.  Directors can move the camera remotely, which they do, usually when something interesting happens, i.e. eggs are hatching, mom brought home a fish etc.  You can watch video of one of these hatchings below.

There always seems one of the two is at home at all times (which is something we did not know realize) so anytime you tune in you, you’re bound to catch an eagle.  You can check out the live feed on there site here.

If you’d like to know more about the Raptor Resource Project you can find out (and donate) here.

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