ISSC MK22 .22 LR, FN SCAR-alike, Now in Desert Tan

There’s an expression that goes, “Beware the man with one gun, for he certainly knows how to use it.”  It’s funny that some people think this has anything to do with guns.  Really it just means “Don’t give your accountant financial advice, for he will bone you on your taxes.”  It means don’t screw around with experts, they can flatten you.

And while it makes sense to master a single manual of arms, there is an exception: everyone should have themselves a .22.  The logic is as follows: shooting is fun.  Bullets are expensive.  .22 LR is the cheapest ammo ever.  .22 LR lets you have more shooting fun.

ISSC of Austria would like you to have more fun shooting, and they do so under the guise of “training”.  You see, they make and sell “practice” equipment that looks and feels like other weapons.  Like anyone doesn’t look at a full-size FN SCAR chambered in .22 and squee.

Available starting this month, ISSC will be selling MK22s in desert tan for all you, well, uhm… fans of desert tan.

ISSC is mostly famous for their M22, a Glockalike .22.  Interesting enough, it’s single-action hammer-fired and internally not at all like a Glock.  It just looks the part (and by many accounts, has a nicer trigger).

The MK22 is similar in that regard; it only looks the part.  But who cares?  ISSC uses a whole lot of metal, steel and aluminum alloys, sans zinc, and a fit and finish behooving their Lothar-Walther barrels.

So go and shoot .22 all day long you desert tan FN SCAR-lovers, do so knowing you’re only out five hundred bucks, which yeah, is kinda expensive for a .22, but mostly just shitty .22s, and what you’re shooting is quality stuff, real marksmanship hardware, and know everyone at the range will want to come over and play with your gun.  And you, you’ll get to shoot their guns in exchange, which is nice ’cause they all brought these new .45s, and the range makes you buy their ammo.

You will serve as their monarch and rule until the range closes, 8pm or sunset, whichever comes first, unless you get hungry and decide to swing by that Wienerschnitzel on the way home.

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