Free NFA Stamp With Every GEMTECH TREK-T Suppressor

Free tax stamp with purchase of a GEMTECH TREK-T suppressor.

Would you like to read that again?  Go ahead.  It’s right up there. Not goin’ anywhere.

Granted, the silencer does cost $1,100.  But you’re not getting a fancy-looking oil filter with a thread adapter, you’re getting a steel-walled, Inconel blast-chambered, titanium-baffled supressor that’ll run wet or dry as part of this GEMTAX promotion.  It’s been battle-proven and yet, happily adopted by citizens, too.

It’s perfect for carbines and short-barreled rifles (10.4″ barrel or longer); lose the sound without gaining much at all:

“The TREK-T weighs in at a featherweight 10.3 ounces – subtracting the couple ounces and inches of flash hider removed from the host rifle, this gives a net gain of only around 8 ounces – a small weight penalty to pay for OSHA safe hearing protection mounted on the weapon at all times!”

So you save $200 if you don’t already have a stamp.  Hurray! And the best part is that GEMTECH will handle all the paperwork for you:

“Instead of sending it to BATFE, send your completed Form 4 package to GEMTECH along with a copy of your dated sales receipt for your TREK-T suppressor. (We strongly and politely suggest you send your submission in a trackable manner, so a.) it gets here, and b.) you don’t have to call us on the half-hour for the next two weeks, asking ‘Umm… Hey, sorry to bug you, but I’m just checking if you got my envelope yet?’ From there, WE PAY YOUR TAX for you and send it in to the BATFE NFA Branch. We’re so friggin’ squared away, we’ll also even send you notification via email or USPS as to the date it was sent in to BATFE for processing.”

But what are you gonna do with it?  Shoot it by yourself?  Protect your hearing as well as a couple of friends’?

Why don’t you take it to the 2011 annual Silencer Shoot!  All the shooting you can stand for $35, although we really suspect that doesn’t cover the price of ammo, that would be… unheard of.

For two days outside Memphis, June 4th and 5th, it will be non-stop raffles, shooting, one, two, and three-gun competitions, and all of it suppressed.  Even the barbecue is suppressed.  Everything’s.  Suppressed.

And if you have any questions about the legalities of suppressorship, give the NFA gun trust lawyers a ping.  They’ll help you out.

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