Apex Tactical Announces Drop-In J-frame and M&P Trigger Kits

Apex Tactical is a prominent gunsmithing company that’s focused mostly on Smith & Wesson firearms, because, let’s face it, if it’s not coming from the Performance Center, Smith & Wesson triggers, like all production-level triggers, need a little love.

Now that love can come in the form of running Snap Caps for so long it stops feeling weird watching TV going click, click, click, or if you’re ballsy, Snap Caps followed by some disassembly and dehorning, or you can just break down and buy a trigger kit.  It’s either that or sending it off for a trigger or action job, and you know that’ll set you back.

It’s no surprise that Apex chose the M&P pistols and J-frame revolvers to issue trigger kits to, first.

Oh, people love both.  They’re all suitably accurate, they’ve got great aftermarket support, and they’re serious duty firearms.  People buy them for another reason altogether: they’re great in the hand.  They’re just nice to hold.

That doesn’t mean they’re great to shoot.  M&P pistols have that awkward striker trigger sensation, especially new ones, and J-frames, particularly alloy J-frames, are sprung so tightly that every microscopic flaw in the action gets amplified and sent right down your finger.  These are the best candidates for out-of-the-box tweaking.

The M&P forward set sear and trigger are designed to compliment Apex’s action enhancement kits ($90) and are expected to sell for around $60.  The first versions are entirely cut from aluminum, but in the future, the trigger and trigger safeties will be polymer.

The J-frame enhancement kit is more than a set of shims and a few springs; it’s multiple components including a lengthened firing pin to ensure reliable strikes with a reduced double-action trigger pull of nine pounds.  No word on pricing, yet.

Both will be available from Brownell’s and Midway, among other places, next month.

Although our preferred method of improving a trigger on all firearms is to shoot the piss out of them, with a little outside assistance, the differences are usually nothing short of amazing.  Besides, all the pros do it.

Kudos to Apex for tackling Smith & Wessons’ middle children.

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