's Top 5 (with a Bullet) Videos of the Week

Like Casey Kasem for the Interweb age, is counting down our top 5 videos of the week.  We see so much cool stuff on the YouTubes these days that we can’t fit into the daily rotation, we thought you guys would appreciate a little guidance to what’s out there.

First up is a video all about this week’s gun star, the Ruger SR1911.  People just can’t get enough about this piece.

Ruger’s first 1911 is getting so much attention, you’d think it was as mind-blowing as going to town on all sorts of crazy targets with an M249 SAW.  Well, like this:

You have to wonder if having all those kick-ass guns made that Russian crazy, or if he was always like that.  His toys got nothing on General Atomics’, though.

That railgun fires darts seven miles at zero elevation.  It’s not hard to believe that it can shoot past 150 miles at all.  But it’s way too much gun for one person.  Not at all like this miniature crossbow.

Don’t forget to check out that guy’s other project, his miniature cannon.

Lastly and without comment, here is the TSA performing an enhanced pat-down on a six-year-old girl.

What do you think of it?  Have our fears of terrorism gone too far, or should we give no quarter when it comes to public security?  Or is there something we can do in between?

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