Machete Slingshot Maker Graduates to Gatling Sling (VIDEO)

Our favorite Hun continues forth with his quest to make ever more dangerous and violent children’s playthings.

On his recently updated Slingshot Channel, Joerg Sprave has cut together a fantastic new video, one showcasing a design for a Gatling-style, hand-cranked 20mm slingshot.

It fires 900 rounds per minute.

(It has eight slings, so it fires for less than 1/10th of a second, but it’s not like anyone else is making Gatling slingshots, don’t be critical.)

His design is a good deal more complex than his others, but he showcases it so clearly that it would be hard to cock up making one yourself short of perhaps putting too much tension on the rubber.  We can all see how that could work out poorly.

Nonetheless it is a terrifying design, and it begs for a self-loading mechanism, which he could be implying he is working on in his comments, “Takes about a minute [to reload]. A faster reloading mechanism could be interesting, but I think this requires a different basic design. ”

But the most entertaining thing about these videos has got to by Sprave’s pure boyish grin, preceded by a glare wars have been lost trying to wipe off.  He is genuinely dedicated to the slingshot and if you haven’t gone and watched each and every video, what are you really waiting for.  It’s Wednesday.  No one has that much going on for Wednesday.

So go watch a huge bald German destroy cardboard with a homemade ball bearing volleying machine.

Then go watch it in slow motion.

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