's Weekly Top Five in Videos

For the first day of the weekend and the last day of April, here’s our top five (in no particular order) videos this week:

We all had a great time with Mr. Machete’s latest Gatling Slingshot, but how about real Gatling guns?  The best part: they are, legally-speaking, not firearms. Yes, the weapon that would forever change the face of war is not a gun, doesn’t need paperwork, any of that.  This is true; we here at all keep one or two around just in case.

And because we all just want to see it, here’s a reporter getting tased for shits and giggles.  To be honest, if more people equipped with Tasers volunteered to be tased, maybe bad things would happen less often.

In the middle, putting the “special” in “special forces,” are these guys:

One of the great wonders of YouTube is serialized fiction.  You ever wonder what became of G.I. Joes?  Turns out they have problems.  Work-related stress.  They need therapy…

Finally, because this is The Year of the 1911, a video of the 1911.  A bobtail alloy-framed Commander-length 9mm to put the hurt on Kimber’s Super Carry Pro by Dan Wesson.

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