Top Videos of the Week Part II

For part two of this week’s best videos, we’re got more than a few examples of lessons learned and unlearned, and we’d like to kick things off with a little bit of history.  Chiefly, that historically, pimped-out guns were a lot more interesting.  Check out this Napoleonic shotgun:

And because we can’t get enough of Wong Fu Productions around here, our second video is a lesson about the pitfalls surrounding racial stereotypes:

Our third lesson is about diction, a skill that even newscasters with years of on-camera experience like sometimes have problems with.  See all of the other hilarious media gaffes right here.

As an art project, the developers behind several of the recent Call of Duty titles present to us a trailer highlighting their homage to the great director, George Romero:

And now that class is over, you’re free to do whatever you want for the rest of the day, except those of you who are enrolled in dance this afternoon:

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