RangeLog Android App Logs Range Time and a Whole Lot More

RangeLog looks like a great new Android app for shooters, both competitive and social, or at least socially competitive.  It’s an app that logs your rounds fired, rounds reloaded, keeps track of your gun maintenance schedule, manage your firearms, and keep track of all your practical shooting scores.

It’s not a free Android app, but on the other hand, you’re actually getting some amount of program here that warrants actual-life money.  The app itself costs $5 and there’s a subscription fee ($8/month or $30/year) if you’re interested in the premium features (which a lot of people will be) which isn’t all that bad when compared to, say, bullets.

Without a subscription, RangeLog is limited to tracking five guns.  You can keep a rolling round count for each, with specifics for every day at the range like target distance, movement, weather, lighting, scoring and the like. Your data can be used to produce reports allowing you to track your shooting performance.

It takes all the data you give it and it puts out a detailed summary of your skills and what you need to work on, or you can customize your own report system.  It also tracks non-range practice like dry fires.

The really good stuff comes with the Premium package.  For starters, the subscription comes with scorecard tracking systems for IDPA, USPSA/IPSC, skeet- and trap-shooting scores, and reloading.

The reloading log is particularly interesting because it not only tracks all the different factors and results of your handloads, it also cross-references your performance with your other scores, including your IDPA/USPSA matches.

Then there’s all the social stuff, which is sure to rope in more than a few casual shooters.  Not only can you share all your range, handloading, and match scores, you can show off all your guns and include pictures of everything while you’re at it.  Took 1st place in SSP last weekend?  Time to gloat at that bastard Nick with his pimped-out Springfield XDm.

But it really seems like a good tool to improve your shooting skills.  RangeLog even includes lessons and drills, over 200 of them, for you to try and practice with.  Something tells us that having a teaching app like this is probably better than shooting $35 in ammo all spread out over an entire year.

Really that’s just the tip of it, to see all of the features in all their glory go here.  Stuck with an iPhone?  Be patient, they’re working on it…


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