This Week in Videos: Kids with AKs, Slingshotshots, Automatic Wheelchair Rifles, and More

Well, it’s Saturday morning which means that we’re either hungover and still posting this all smelling like beer, cordite, and pizza?  How do you forget what you ate last night?  Either that or all of this is set to be published on a timer and we’re excellent at planning ahead.  On Fridays.  Just before the weekend.

Anyway, in no particular order here’s our Top Five, not including all those videos of Dragon’s Breath.  Let’s kick things off with this video of cherubic Russian schoolgirls training with AKMs:

And if that wasn’t just heart-warming enough, watching all those kids learn to love guns from the very beginning even if their grip technique on those mak’s was just God-awful, here’s a paraplegic operating his wheelchair-mounted AR:

Also, our favorite German craftsman just made a slingshotshot.  It fires six shots of sling shot, see? It’s a slingshotshot.  It also looks like it would fucking kill you straight up.

So you know when girls make gun noises, and (well, it’s true, and we apologize beforehand but we’re journalists and bound to deliver people with the truth; it’s the cornerstone of democracy, you know) they suck at it.  But men, secretly, really, really love that.

And finally, in the spirit of this week being Pork Chopper week, on account of Texas passing a bill into law that would allow boar hunters to cull from helicopters, which is to say, “GET TO DE CHOPPA!” here is a special selection from Predator: the Musical:

Haha, we lied, there’s six.  Here’s on on how Predator should have ended:

Alright. Now: pancakes. Who’s driving? We can’t find our keys, has anyone seen our keys?

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