Anglesight Lets You See and Shoot Around Corners (Video)

Remember that episode of Mythbusters where the Build Team tested all those different ways action movies have people shooting around corners, like just pointing your gun sideways, which is what Grant did and didn’t hit shit, then Kari used that CornerShot with the Glock and the fiber optic camera to nail the dude using an LCD display, and Tory did just what you’re not supposed to do, which is dive out there and then shoot the guy (successfully) a bunch?

Yeah, this is like Kari’s thing but better.  Well, it’s arguably better.  It’s the Anglesight. Here’s the argument:

The Anglesight is a rotating two-way mirror, a one-power optic that lets you see straight through it and also at 90 degrees away from it.

Let’s get the downsides of this sort of optic out of the way.  Because it’s unpowered, the view through the Anglesight is going to be dimmed.  Some of the light will pass through it directly and some of it will be angled out at 90 degrees.  It might also inadvertantly crop some of the view.  And that’s about it.

Now about the cool things: it’s unpowered, so it will never run out of batteries.  It’s therefor also waterproof, lightweight, and simple.

It can be rotated 360 degrees in case your gun wants to know what you’re shooting at, and mounts on any Picatinny rail.

It’s not rifle-centric; although it’s clearly easier to use in conjunction with other sights or optics, it can be mounted on a pistol rail and used to look around corners.

Because it’s a mirror, it won’t interfere with exotic optics like infrared or night vision systems.  It also won’t introduce any kind of parallax effect because the mirror’s flat.

It’s available with quick-detach mounts, so you can yank it if it’s in the way somehow, and because it manipulates light relative to the shooter, it doesn’t ever need re-zeroing if you take it off and put it back on.

This is a really clever idea that’s clearly targeting the types of military and law enforcement agents who expect to have to do more than just peek around a corner.

A lot of times this sort of tacticool equipment seems to exist for its own sake.  But we think that the Anglesight is actually something that, if it’s rugged enough, in supply, and trained with, could very well save lives.

And also just be fun to play with.

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