SIG's TACPAC 1911 Kit: A Surprise Move

SIG’S offering for The Year of the 1911 is simple: a 1911 in a box.

It’s kinda nice when you think about it.  Everyone else seems to be scrambling to make unique or extravagant 1911s when the guys at SIG just said, “Hey, why don’t we put it in a nice box?”

Which, essentially, what the TACPAC is.

Sure, you’re getting a SIG 1911 with a match-grade barrel (whose barrels aren’t match-grade anymore?  What governing body sets the standards for these match-grade components?) competition hammer and a lightweight, solid aluminum trigger.  Models will be available with or without a rail (props to SIG where props are due: a lot of people won’t touch a 1911 with a rail).

But they’re not going out of their way to make new and special SIG 1911s for the Year of the 1911.  It’s special because of the case.  It comes in a fancy hard carrying case (unlike SIGs un-fancy other cases) along with a paddle holster (with integrated magazine pouch) Allen wrench, and a speed loader.  It comes with three magazines and three optional extended baseplates.

We have to admit we’re surprised.  Remember, SIG is responsible for this:

Their YOT1911 pistol isn’t even diamond plate.  It’s not finished with exotic metals or patinas.  It doesn’t even have special grips.

It’s just a SIG 1911.  (It appears to be a TACOPS from the single photo SIG released.)

SIG is breaking the mold by not thinking outside of the box. Literally, though, how weird and/or cool is that?

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