Rossi Re-Calibrates their Rio Grade Leverguns in .410 and .45-70

Lever-action firearms are not in fear of going by the wayside.  The feeding mechanism, like any pump-action, is, well, bulletproof.  And Rossi makes popular ones.

Rossi, Taurus’ partner in rifles, has a long and well-regarded history making modern versions of antique guns.  They’re popular because they’re well-made, and most importantly, easy to afford.

Sometimes this means that they wind up making somewhat niche products, like the Circuit Judge, a .410 revolver carbine that expands on the Taurus Judge line of revolvers, and other times, this means they make the Rossi Ranch Hand, a cowboy action-movie favorite (not to mention famous space western gun).

But so far, the vast majority of Rossi’s lever guns have been in pistol calibers.  .38 SPL, .357, .44, .45… That’s over now.  They’re making Rio Grande lever-action rifles and shotguns in .45-70 and .410.

The Rio Grande is a full-length, 20″ barreled firearm that to-date has only been chambered in .30-30.  The .45-70 will hold six rounds in the magazine, the .410, five.

Both of the new models come drilled and tapped for a scope mount, which is also included.  The scope isn’t.

Whether you’re a handloader or a hunter, or just a lover of levers, these are clear winners for Rossi.

And honestly, if you think leverguns are out-of-date, would you walk down-range of one?

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