This Week in Videos: Duck Hunt in Real Life, Suburban Trebuchets, and a Thank-You to the TSA for Keeping Us Safe

This has been a Hell of a week for us.  We’ve covered Michelle Lane suing the government for making it impossible to buy a gun in, or bring a gun into the District of Columbia, the nudists of Washington trying to close a nearby gun range for fear of being gawked at, the CDC setting up a web resource for the impending rapture zombie apocalypse, while still having the time to profile the AC-47D.

But these videos still caught our eye.

Have you ever wished duck hunting were more like in video games?  Not us, the meat’s all pixelated and there’s not much no matter how many you shoot, but yeah, we will admit this looks fun:

There are some people that really can’t tell the differences between real life and the speculative fantasies we all engage in, like video games and CDC warnings.  These people can be identified by their tactical sammiches:

But most people aren’t ruined by their fantasies, they’re made better by them.  Some of those people can’t leave the Dark Ages well enough alone and wind up playing basketball with a trebuchet:

And some real-life things are too damn fantastical to believe.  If the deer start stalking and killing lesser animals, how long before they come after us?  Deer birth control may be too late already!  (Skip to the halfway point if you’re impatient.)

Alright, alright, there will be no deerpocalypse, if it even begins to come to that we’ll be a fat(ter) and happy(ier) nation.  Which is sooper safe from things like trrrists, all thanks to the men and women of the TSA, from the highest administrator to the lowest groper.

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