Smith & Wesson Offers Rebates to Current and Retired Military Personnel

What was once a short-term offer, the Nation’s Finest rebate program, has been extended through to the end of the year, December 31st, 2011.  So for all of 2011, all military personnel, active duty or retired, and disabled veterans of all branches of the military, are eligible for up to $100 off on Smith & Wesson guns.

You get a check for a benjamin if you buy a new M&P15 rifle, or fifty bucks if you buy a new, qualifying M&P pistol or revolver.

The qualifier is pretty simple, actually.  It’s not a select list of, say, overrun S&W Sigmas in .40 with California-compliant 10-round magazines, it’s all of their current handguns and rifles not chambered in .22LR, and also the M&P15 Sport, which is sold for so little that they probably can’t afford to add a rebate on top of it.  Here’s the rebate, see for yourself.

Yes, there is a limit.  It’s to one pistol, one rifle, and one revolver.  So you’re capped at a mere $200 in rebates.

The offer is for all all active duty U.S. Military, Retired Military with retired military status, active National Guard Reservists and Disabled Veterans of all U.S. Military branches including U.S. Coast Guard. All you need is the rebate form, your receipts, and a photocopy of your military ID, a Leave and Earnings statement, or your military orders.

So whether or not you want a beautiful new S&W 686 SSP or a handy little AR carbine, Smith and Wesson wants to make it that much more affordable.

And hey, this offer even covers their M&P9 JG, their Champion Series pistol where a percentage of their proceeds go towards breast cancer awareness (you can get replace the pink grip inserts with black ones, nobody will notice the little ribbon what with its awesome Warren tactical fiber optic sights and custom trigger).  No one can say Smith & Wesson doesn’t like to help people out.

“It is with a great sense of pride and deep appreciation that we have expanded the Nation’s Finest program in order to give something back to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services,” says James Debney, President of Firearms for Smith & Wesson. “These true patriots have selflessly and valiantly devoted their lives to the preservation of the United States and, in turn, we have pledged our support to them. While we can never thank them enough for their services or the hardships they have endured, we hope this program will help them enjoy the shooting sports both on a professional and recreational level.”

So thanks, Smith & Wesson, and thanks too, military, past and present.  Get yourself a gun already, they’re on sale.

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