The Ruger 10/22 LaserLyte Laser Sight

The Ruger 10/22 may actually be the single most common .22 long rifle rifle.

It’s a matter of reliability; rimfire ammunition is… flaky.  It’s hard to load, hard to feed, produces such a crazy range of pressures across varieties of ammunition that it’s hard to spring for good cycling, yet the 10/22 doesn’t really care.  It’s a trooper.

So it’s not a huge surprise that so many people just buy them and don’t bother with anything else.  That’s why there are so damn many kits for it.  New stocks, new grips, magazines of all shapes and sizes, even a Gatling conversion kit.

And then there are optics.  While most people looking to fancy up their guns just scope their 10/22s, there are a handful of aftermarket sights available, like Williams’ Fire Sights.  But for the more electronically-minded, LaserLyte is happy to let the world know that they have finally made their teeny rear sight laser in a Ruger 10/22 version.

Before anyone gets all what the Hell on us or LaserLyte, there are some fine reasons to put this laser sight on a plinker: first, it’s small and lightweight; it was originally intended for pistols, natch.  Lasers can be very impractical and high up on the tacticool scale, something that’s a bit ridiculous with a 10/22.  What’s less absurd, a rear sight laser, or a quad Picatinny rail with a laser (and flashlight and pistol grip) on a 10/22?

Secondly, a lot of people only own a Ruger 10/22.  They’re reliable, extremely small and light for rifles, available in unyielding capacities, and are like all guns, better than no guns at all.  Lasers are ideal for indoor shooting.  And for home defense that won’t leave you deaf, it’s hard to beat  a 10/22.

And the third and best possible reason to put a rear laser sight on a Ruger 10/22 is “Because you fucking can.”  Repeat as necessary.  Ruger’s 10/22 is one of the coolest and most fun plinkers on the market.  Customizing these things is the most fun you can have with them while you’re not actually out shooting, which is a good enough reason to do it on its own.

So if you have a hundred and thirty bucks and want a little custom rifle action, and especially if what keeps things safe and quiet in your house is your 10/22, LaserLyte’s got something you might want to look into.

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