This Week in Videos: Lightning Strikes, Presidential Ping Pong, and Russian Heat

Well, we had a pretty good week, one of our guys got a smoking deal on a Springfield Range Officer and went to town with it, and had about as much fun as you can without rocking out with your very own Stratokalash.  There might have been a dearth of Flashbang news, but it was still a good week for women with our pieces on Soviet snipers and Glock-sponsored shooting sports.

But it’s Saturday, so it’s time for videos.  We might all be grown up now but you can still get your Cheerios or Sugar Crisps or whatever and pull up a seat.

Science: it terrifies.  If that doesn’t make an animal part of your brain freak out then you’ve either not spent enough time in Kansas or you’ve spent altogether too much time there.  But the one thing these videos never capture superbly is the scale of the audio.  These guys with their Drako get it:

We also ran an article on the controversial (at best) practice by some police of using planted evidence.  A lot of people get upset when police step outside of the box; here what happens when they leap out of it at a stadium just full of, well, watch:

And of course, the President is in the U.K. just having a bitch of a time, what with signing the wrong date and cocking up the Queen’s salute, (not that too many Americans are familiar with how to address English royalty) but he doesn’t even get a break visiting a U.K. high school:

We’re sure he’d rather be blowing off steam, which, unfortunately, is better left to YouTube denizens.  Like our favorite, FPSRussia.  Why does he get all the toys?  Why doesn’t he share?  Where the fuckity fuck did he get a 40mm machine gun?

Man, we hope everyone’s weekend is half as fun as that.

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