New Checkered Frag VZ G10 Grips for 1911s

What do you do if you’re a 1911 manufacturer in 2011?  Why, you manufacture a new 1911 for The Year of the 1911, of course.  Yeah, sure, not all 1911 makers have come out with a special new awesome centenarian anniversary edition 1911 but it’s still the spring, give it due time.

What do you do if you’re not a 1911 manufacturer in 2011?  Well, short of calling up Armscor and having them whip up a batch of 1911s with your stamp on them, you do the next best thing: accessorize.

VZ, custom 1911 grip company whose name is short for VZ, has longtime been a manufacturer of phenol-formaldehyde resin laminate grips, with various cuts and patterns that would make any wood grip-purist approve, or at least not retch.

Phenolic laminates are some of the most rugged semi-plastics out there, like plywood but instead of some tinder you use sheets of fiberglass.  But another positive about the stuff is comfort.  A nice grip isn’t just one that looks the part, it’s gotta feel it, too.

VZs grips are tops when it comes to the touch.  They’re the right amount of stiff without bordering on metallic, but still dense and tough enough to give a good amount of resistance for traction.

About the only thing people ever complain about when it comes to VZ’s grips is their thinness; some people just want a little more girth to their grips.  That said, they more than make up for it with unique and even exotic designs.  Their Yot1911 entry: pineapple grips.  No wait, we mean grenade grips.  Frag grenade.  Yeah, pineapple.

Available in three different styles and about seven different patterns from bone to black, if they look at all interesting to you they probably have one that will pry the cash out of your wallet.  VZ makes them for just about every style of 1911, although their new grips are currently only available for production 1911s, and not yet the odd 1911s out, like the Springfield EMP or SIG P238.

We really like the simplicity of this new grip design and hope to see it spread to the rest of their grip lines.  CZs and SIGs need some pineapple frag grenade love, too.

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