The World's Greatest Nerf War (Must-See Video)

Topics not appropriate in the context of watching this music video:

“Kids today are submerged in violence.  This sort of video puts that violence on a pedestal and glorifies it, when we should be doing everything we can to raise them as whole, kind individuals.”

“Children reenacting violence is natural.  These kids have grown up their entire lives not knowing a time when there was no war on terror, or on drugs.  This is their way of coping with the stresses of an adult world in a child’s manner.”

“Nerf toys are too gun-like.  While kids should be free to play whatever games they choose, especially games out-of-doors, we’re forcing a violent mentality upon them by giving them facsimiles of real-world weapons.”

“This is no different than playing Ninja Turtles, Cops & Robbers, or Cowboys & Indians. In our heads, when we played these games, we were just as violent in our imaginations as the imagery brought to life in this music video.”

Topics that are appropriate in the context of watching this music video:

“HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT?  No, seriously, that was the coolest action dream sequence in the history of kiddom!  I wish I were them!”

“Christ, for a homemade music video, that was unbelievably awesome!  It’s so cool that people can just make shit like that, at home, on like, their laptops!  We live in the future!”

Can you believe how cool Nerf guns are these days? They’re just out of this world compared to the shitty dart-slingers we had as kids!  Damn, we need to get some of those, just because we’re all grown up doesn’t mean we can’t play, too!”


So please, when enjoying this music video, nay, pop-orchestral short film, refrain from getting all academic and political.  It will only illustrate to your friends and coworkers that you’re a gigantic wet towel, you know, one that got left in the washer too long and has that weird smell.

It’s just a music video.  Just the most kick-ass video ever.

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