Midway USA Debuts Smith & Wesson Revolver Gunsmithing DVD

Even taking into account a few of the more modern changes to the Smith & Wesson revolver design, these guns have changed very little over the decades.  A Smith & Wesson revolver is the champion of simplicity and refinement.

If Smith & Wesson were a sandwich, it’d be a French dip.  Maybe a price premium over a hot pastrami like Ruger, but you’re getting prime beef revolver here.  (Guns.com does not endorse writing on an empty stomach.)

That said, their history and straightforward design doesn’t mean that a) they can’t ever stand some improvement, or b) that everyone’s an expert and can fix them on their own.

So we think it’s really cool the Midway’s teamed up with GunTec to make a 36-minute (not including bonus features) home gunsmithing DVD for K-, L-, and N-frame Smiths (no J!) that does step-by-step walkthroughs on how to inspect your revolver, time the cylinder, even do an action job.

The DVD includes pretty much everything you can do without a machinist’s shop down to complete disassembly and reassembly of these guns.  As a kindness, the DVD includes a “list of tools” you’ll probably need to do the work it shows you… maybe you won’t need them.

Still, this is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about how their Smiths work.  Whether you’re an enthusiast, budding gunsmith, or a survivalist looking for complete expertise regarding your revolver, this DVD is worth every penny of the thirty bucks it costs.

“Whether you want to learn how to bob the hammer and smooth the face of the trigger to make a more concealable carry weapon, or add a red-ramped front sight, this DVD will teach you how,” said Larry Potterfield, head of MidwayUSA. “For this video, we worked with a range of K-, L- and N-frame revolvers to demonstrate each process and provide detailed explanations of the tools and the techniques used. If you’re interested in Smith & Wesson revolvers, I think you’re really going to like it.”

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