Beretta Finally Inoxes the PX4 Storm

The Px4 Storm is an undersung Beretta.  While the company’s name is synonymous with the M9/92, it’s not like they’ve only been making the one flavor of service pistol in the last 35 years.

beretta px4 storm gun

The Storm’s a completely different beast.  Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP in full-size, compact, and sub-compact models, the Px4 Storm uses a completely different barrel system than most semi-automatics made post-John Browning.  Decidedly derived from their designs of the Stoeger Cougar (which Beretta also makes), the full-size and compact Px4 Storms use rotating-lock barrels (the sub-compact uses the more common tilting barrel).

px4 storm compact

If you’ve ever taken apart a clicky pen, you know how the barrel and slide lock up.  Instead of your thumb pushing on the ink cartridge, it’s the bullet rocking against the slide and barrel until they travel past a lug in the frame that spins and separates the barrel from the slide, which continues on back.

beretta px4 storm disassembled

This rotary action turns some of the parts’ momentum into rotating mass, not recoiling mass, which lowers the overall felt recoil of the gun.  That, plus the low bore axis in relation to the grip, and short, lightweight slide (even the full-size models only have 4″ barrels), make the Px4 Storms very pleasant shooters.

px4 storm

And they are in service by police forces domestic and foreign.  In fact, the service nature of these guns has pretty much mitigated the demand for blingier models; that being said, two-tone pistols are teh secks.

px4 storm pistol

So Inox fans rejoice, you’ve got a new Beretta to collect.  For now it seems your selections are limited: full-size Px4s in 9mm (17+1) or .40 S&W (14+1).  Also, it appears that these are the standard Type F Storms, with a standard DA/SA action and combination safety-decocker; all you double-action only fans and safety haters should look elsewhere (consider the SIG P250?).

px4 storm beretta

Presently doesn’t have any details about the other models coming to the USA in Inox, but we will let you know if and when they do, and we can tell you that Beretta isn’t pricing these any differently than matte Px4s, so yay, you’ll be able to find them in stores for around $550.

And if you’ve never shot a Px4 Storm, really, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Unless you can’t afford to walk out the door with another gun, anyway…

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