LaserLyte Shows Off their Newest Handgun Bayonet

LaserLyte, better known for their many gun-mounted lasers and lights, even laser-light combos, if you will, has brought their Picatinny mastery to new territory.

Their latest device is the Mini Bayo, a pistol-mountable bayonet with quite the pedigree.  In cooperation with Ka-Bar and Ethan Becker (of Becker Knife and Tool) they’ve made a 2.75-inch medium carbon-steel gunshank with a black oxide finish.  Its handle is glass-reinforced nylon and features a two-button quick-release mount.

adding knife bayonet to pistol

It also has a sort of hook-thing along the top which appears to be “bitchin'” and “nasty-looking”.  We have to agree, this new offering is light-years ahead of their previous, flawed Mini Survival Knife (it is far less bad-ass).

knife on handgun

What’s not known yet is if LaserLyte will also be supplying holsters, of on-the-waist, in-the-waist, and MOLLE, for people who can’t risk not having a bayonet on their pistols twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

knife attached to handgun

We here at are ardent enthusiasts of the Picatinny rail and all that it carries, but we do hope that LaserLyte offers the Mini Bayo in wristwatch-mount, shooting eyewear-mount, and sneaker-mount models.  That has always been the reason CZ’s pistol bayonet never dominated the market—mounting options.

cz pistol bayonet

We’re not sure, however, if the Mini Bayo will see a great deal of success in the tactical footwear market, as that market is absolutely saturated.  Minnetonka’s been the king of Tactical Moccasin Hill for decades and has a reputation that just will not back down.

laser site on moccasin shoes

Above: Minnetonka tactical moccasin with Trijicon red dot reflex-over-ACOG sight, fully-ported V10 toe, and Viridian 532nm laser sight.  Below: Gary Busey wearing his tactical moccasins.

gary busey wearing leather boots

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