This Week in Videos: Competition Shooting, Fighter Jets, and Ninjas, Respectively

Saturday caught up to us fast what with all the excitement surrounding the Brady Campaign claiming credit for lowering crime, the man threatened by Miami police for recording them, the Missouri police quickly putting down a deadly concrete alligator, and the successful drone strike against Ilyas Kashmiri.

We also had time to go over a study on the stopping power of handgun calibers, detail the history of the blunderbuss, and make an argument in favor of the handgun world’s whipping boy, Hi-Power.  Plus we even reviewed the Ruger Red Label shotgun and Springfield EMP 9mm pocket 1911.

But the only video we had time to spotlight was FPS Russia fighting all those C4 zombies with that Browning machine gun.  So here’s what we didn’t get to:

Just to prove those French kids that you don’t have to be French or a kid to get away with Nerf Total War.  We’d love to have more Nerf guns but disastrously, we have a complete and abiding love for, you know, real guns.  Metal ones that shoot bullets.  The kinds used in competitions like this:

Rob Leatham, pro star for Springfield Armory (who totally gave us this XD(m) to give away), just seems like such an awesome guy.  You could drink a beer with him and come away with it a better shooter.  Plus, his advice all sounds so… bullshit-free.  Like how he just says grip your gun 100%, grip it as much as you can without losing control.

Which is advice that clearly this 12-year-old by the name of Greyson has no problems with.  Jesus Christ that gun is bigger than his head.  Anyone who, from this point on, complains about 9mm recoil is officially a wuss.

Because there are real things to be afraid of.  Like getting together with your friends, standing in a field, maybe Bill lights up a cigarette when FWOOSH JET PLANES.  That’s recoil, right there.  That’s also new pants and looking for something to spread out across your seat on the drive home to get them.

But what we should all be afraid of, in our heart of hearts, are the ninjas.  Have a good weekend, but watch your back.  They’re everywhere…

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