Crossbreed Holster Company Polishes Website, Goes Social

You ever held something, it doesn’t have to be a firearm but those are the sort of things, that when you pick them up, just touch them, you know you’re going to have one?  Maybe not right away, but it’s still a certainty.  Crossbreed’s an expert at that.

Crossbreed makes excellent holsters of all sorts.  In addition to your standard on-the-waistbands, both firearm and magazine, they make shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, pocket holsters, bedside holsters, holsters that you can stick to your dashboard, desk, or purse, even ballistics vest holsters.

But what they’re famous for are their in-the-waistband holsters.  The SuperTuck is a damn concealed-carry dream rig.  Using a combination of thick hide backs and molded Kydex shells, Crossbreed makes a practically invisible bubble for your gun to ride in.  All of their holsters are highly adjustable, and customizable, too.

Crossbreed offers a lifetime warranty on all their work, pretty much no questions asked.  (We sent them a holster that had been melted through on the plastic side and covered with brass and peanut butter, and just wrote “Multigun” on the form.  They were like, “Damn, that’s the second one this week.”  We don’t know who else plays sandwich fireman gunslingers, we thought we’d invented the game, so if it was you, let us know, we need a new goalie.)

So kudos on the new website, Crossbreed.  It really reflects on the quality of your products.  Seriously though, it’s about time.  It’s not that we didn’t like their old website, but it did have that “We’re gun people, we don’t need excellent web design” motif that’s, er, popular these days.

It’s such a nice new website that we’re seeing some of their products for the very first time.  (Either that or they’ve expanded their catalog.)  Like the SnapSlide, and the TriSlide, and the MiniClip, and the Ohai which we don’t know if Crossbreed knows what it really means; then again, maybe they do…

So if you’re in the market for some new gun leather or tired of your old IWB holster digging into your, well, tired of it, go check out their hot new website.  And hey, they have a Facebook now!  (Not as good as our Facebook, though, thank you.)

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