This Week in Videos: Police Threats, Staked Vampires, and Even More Pistol Bayonet

Another busy week come to an end.  Things have gone international with our coverage of new attempts to prevent arms smuggling into the Congo, North Korea moving hardware into Myanmar—or is it Burma—and francophilic Belgians debating arms deals with unstable regions.

In domestic news, things have a distinctly less weapons-smuggly attitude, although not entirely smuggle-free as the Congress starts hearings concerning the ATF with regards to arming Mexican warlords, (we hear this obeying the law stuff is pretty complicated) but the rest much more upbeat.  For instance, Bushmaster is dead, long live Bushmaster Windham Weaponry!  And of course, Gabrielle Giffords is doing much better, which makes us happy.

We’ve also had plenty o’ gun porn with Ruger’s new Single-Ten and the AR-15 of Tom Clancy’s most turgid dreams.  We reviewed a Hungarian FEG PA 63, a sharp little surplus pistol, the Kel-Tec PMR-30, which is an intense high-capacity .22 WMR, and Diamondback’s DB9, a polymer 9mm mousegun.  That and we wrote up the histories of the Sten gun, the Tommy gun, and Patton’s personal arsonal.

But it’s Saturday, on with the videos!

You know what’s more terrifying than getting struck by lightning?  These guys.  They’ll fucking drop a truck on your ass, that’s why.  Nothing spoils an insurgency or an oppressive rule worse than getting hit by a fucking truck.  Ask Gaddafi how much he likes it.

But some people don’t appreciate a life of not getting crushed by falling vehicles.  These people live in Buffalo and are sometimes asshole police.  But it’s OK because he’s threatening the guy as a person which means that right then and there, he’s not a cop, which means, sure, go ahead, ignore the guy and see if you don’t get decked by the law.

Recently we came across the term “badge-heavy” which the officer in the previous video embodies.  At least ruining people’s days is pretty much in the job description.  But we have no fucking clue as to why LaserLyte’s Mini Bayo we wrote about actually exists, so does it make us tacticool-heavy if we admit that we kinda want one?

Besides, things don’t have to be practical to be cool.  Just look at this guy.  He’s gone and made a DIY high-speed, super-high resolution stop-motion video camera, and he doesn’t even bother to make sure the bullets are in focus.  But it’s still ridiculously cool.

But a stakelauncher, or crosstake, or whatever the hell you want to call it, it takes the cake this week for useless and cool.  Some people think that the sound of a pump shotgun chambering a shell is enough to scare people off.  That’s nothing next to a top-of-the-lungs German battlecry from a giant Hun wielding a homemade crossbow that shoot bolts that weigh five pounds.  One of those things makes me want to back away slowly, and the other makes me want to cry and poop at the same time.

Oh, and speaking of things that poop and cry, have you heard that Samuel L. Jackson just narrated a children’s book?  It’s called Go the Fuck to Sleep.  No, seriously.

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