Underwater Ammo, or Dolphins: It's Payback Time

Most everyone knows you can shoot guns underwater.  A modern cartridge is waterproof, and sealed inside is the ignition, propellent, and oxidizer.  Without an oxidizer, barrels would have to be vented or something ridiculous.  You can shoot guns underwater.  But like, why?

Let’s assume for a minute that this isn’t just about the most inexpensive and efficient way to ruin a firearm, it’s not at all effective.  The water provides too much resistance for the bullet, it doesn’t go far, and if it does, it turns to shrapnel under its own power.  That being said, guns that work underwater have been made, although gun here is shorthand for handheld spear-launcher.

That part of our history is over.  Thanks to the Defence & Security Group of Norway, one of our favorite constitutional monarchies, we now have bullets that work underwater.  Called Supercavitating Rifle Ammo, these bullets are specially-shaped dual-cored armor-piercing rounds that, and we’re guessing here because it’s a design secret but something tells us we’re right on the nose, cavitates the water surrounding the bullet, disrupting the laminar flow that would otherwise deflect or destroy other bullets.  But again, that’s just a guess.

(Photo courtesy David Crane DefenseReview.com)

Because the ammo is spin-stabilized, it works just fine in normal guns; the guns don’t need special barrels or anything like that.  These bullets shoot fine from just regular rifles.

(Photo courtesy David Crane DefenseReview.com)

What’s more impressive than the fact that they’re effective and accurate underwater (up to 15m for 5.56 NATO, 25m for 7.62 NATO, and a whopping 60m for the .50 BMG) is that they work whether or not you’re shooting from underwater out, from dry land into water, and of course, underwater to some poor sucker who brought a dive knife to a gunfight.  And it gets even better:

(Photo courtesy David Crane DefenseReview.com)

“This technology is completely scalable. It works up to very large calibers, 127mm. We are currently working with the anti-submarine warfare environment where we are doing development work for navies looking at hard-kill torpedo countermeasures. And, we’re using the .50, 20mm, and 30mm to kill torpedoes in the water,” said D&S’s representative Mr. Morgan in his interview with Defense Review.

(Photo courtesy David Crane DefenseReview.com)

And while yes this has NAVY S.E.A.L. written all over it, the real market for this ammo is clearly civilian.  For centuries we’ve had to take it from dolphins.  As the intelligent masters of the depths they are, they’ve stopped at nothing in their show of dominance over humans and our general lack of grace underwater. And they’re only getting more and more aggressive.  Sooner or later, they’re going to make their move.

People have tried to defend themselves from their ranks fruitlessly.  We even eat tons and tons of tuna just hoping to attack their food supplies, even if it’s kinda bland, even the really good stuff.  What to they do?  Eat mackerel.  But we’re humans, we’re supposed to eat cows, damnit, we can’t live off fish alone!  They know it, and they’re closing in.

But now we have the means to fight back.  Dolphins, you playful dicks of the sea, you’ve had you’ve had your way with us for the last time.

(Photo courtesy David Crane DefenseReview.com)

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