This Week in Video: Dream Glocks and Raids without Knocks

Ah, Saturday.  Video day.  That happy lull between Friday and Monday; of course this Monday’s different, it’s Independence Day, woot.  The day we celebrate our nation’s freedoms by getting cocked and blowing shit up, the way God intended us to.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been slouching off this week.  Maybe next Tuesday’s gonna be rough and hung-over, but this week’s been busy as ever, what with our giving away one gorgeous Springfield XD(m) 5.25″ Competition, perhaps one of the sexiest guns ever destined for Aliens-themed cosplay.  And then we turned right around and started another giveaway: $500 to spend at Brownells on whatever catches your eye.

We also reviewed one of Kimber’s flagship 1911s, the Custom II, a last-ditch holdout pistol, the Stinger, and Ithaca’s Model 37 for the ladies.  We are all about turning women to shooting, because it’s not a gender-specific club; plenty of guys are new to the sport, too, as Kevin Kane explained in his article about going shooting for the first time at 30.

In international news, members of Congress are headed to Mexico to further their investigation on the ATF’s successful attempt at arming drug lords down south, France began to supply Libyan rebels with arms much to Russia’s chagrin, and an Englishman performed a quick operation on himself with a shotgun.

More locally, the Supreme Court affirmed that free speech is still strong in their affirmation that video games are protected under the First Amendment, and the Marines are testing out their shiny new M27s in Afghanistan, although Colt (among others) is trying very hard to keep the M4 alive.  At the same time, some cops burned down a home trying to capture a suspect, and the president of the Brady Campaign hung up his apron.

But now it’s time for some videos.  This gun smacks of all kinds of awesome.  Even Glock haters gotta agree, they want one of these:

And lampooning the growing and disturbing trend of forceful police entries are Reason Magazine’s own minstrels, with a tune about no-knock raids:

Vlad the machine-gunner’s still at it, opening things up wide with a pretty little (big) shotgun:

Which is nothing compared to The Matrix’s most famous scene, re-dubbed here for your listening pleasure.  Warning: if you don’t laugh at this, we’re sorry to ruin your holiday weekend; you have a brain tumor and should seek medical council immediately.

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