This Week in Video: Rocket Puppies and Rocket Ships, America Versus England

Real quick like: that macaque shot that self-portrait.

So the fact that this was a holiday week didn’t really slow us down much, mostly because we write things ahead of time so that when we wake up dead with fingers missing from having way too much to drink in conjunction with woo! fireworks! we don’t disappoint you, dear reader.  Also, we found all our fingers and once we finish with the next 18 months of physical therapy we’ll be typing like it was 2010 again.  Man, that was some year for typing…

In any case, because it was Independence Day, we talked a little about what it means to us and a little bit of forgotten history of the Founding Fathers.  On the subject of things past, we also ran a neat history of a gun gone by, the pepperbox.

A lot of things happened, too.  Wyoming instated constitutional carry, meaning all residents of the state with the right to own firearms may carry them concealed without needing any special permit or license, joining Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont.  In Ohio, concealed carry was extended to include restaurants.  And in Maryland, thanks in part to a clerical error, their high court ruled that filing serial numbers off firearms wasn’t a against any laws—it is still a federal crime, though.  Oh, and Patraeus is getting that CIA job he was talking about before.

In news of the funny, in Texas, a guy with a bad case of road rage and handgun picked a fight with another guy on the freeway, just to get curbed by a bowl of oatmeal, and a Ugandan school got told to stop ringing their bell on account of it was a bomb.

We also reviewed the modern classic Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38, the infamous Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .44 Mag, and a custom 1911, Shawn’s Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec.  Man, it sure would look great side-by-side with a Battle Mug.  Now, on to the videos!  First up, this is why Americans and Pinoys get along so well: we’re both very punchy independent:

For a little more about what the piss was going on there, read this.  But there was a little bit of sad last week too, with the very last of the shuttle launches.  All our best wishes, Atlantis.

Probably the best firework ever, right? Although this dog pretty cleanly takes second place:

Speaking of Independence Day (again), check out this Cockbite Rooster Teeth interview of an English kid about the history of the U.S.:

Here’s a fact: July 14th is Bastille day, or French Independence Day.  We think Joerg Sprave knows this.  We think Joerg Sprave is gearing up to do something about it.  We think he gets what he wants, too.

For reals, he seriously looks like he’s going to go all Hobo With a Shotgun only but with plungers.  You… you have seen the other Grindhouse trailer-cum full-length feature film starring Rutger Hauer, right?

Have a happy the-weekend-after-the-fourth-of-July recovery weekend, and please, go shoot something.

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