Facebook Caption Contest Winner

Alrighty – we ran a contest yesterday for our Facebook Fans who had to caption the photo below.  Top five comments won a Guns.com t-shirt.

You guys in Facebook rock, we were defiantly laughing our asses off in the office yesterday trying to pick the winner.  Top five captions and winners of the contest are listed below.

  1. Tommy Dorsey“Hey, Bo” ….. “yeah, Luke” ……. “When we get back to Uncle Jessie’s farm, act normal!”
  2. Jerry SchermerhornCheck out my “Trouser Mauser”
  3. Brady SmithSay we’re bonerriffic, say it
  4. Eligio Javier Dela CruzTypical morning at Guns.com
  5. Karsten MillerRock out with your stock out!!

So congrats to the 5 winners above.  And thanks to everyone else for participating and having a good time.  Keep an eye out for these Guns.com t-shirts for sale on the website soon.

P.s. Honorable mention below:

  • Isaac BarnettStop making fun of my dads.
  • Jason McNuttArmy,Navy,Air Force, Marines we are here to fight for the queens!
  • Trevor LarsenLighten up! It’s Friday night.
  • Mike HattonDon`t need to ask…. Don`t need to tell….
  • Jerry Baker….and yet another use for our cock socks.
  • Brad MartinThis war is FABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
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