Jelly Mold Competition Sets New Standard for Jell-O Shots

This year, one of the finalists of the 2011 Jell-O Mold Competition made a damn believable (if not for the bacon) Jell-O breakfast. Another made Jell-O bullets.  It is only a matter of time before this becomes a standard for Jell-O shots.  And then this will happen:

“Hey, brah, you’ve been hittin’ the .50 BMG’s all night brah!”

“I know this party’s off the hook, brah!”

“I know dude, just checkin’ in on ya’!”

“What’s up, bro, I’m just havin’ a good time!”

“Dude I know, dude, just sayin’ you’re havin’ a lotta BMGs is all!”

“Hey, man, I know, I’m keepin’ it real!”

“Man, you know how last time you had that many fifties you passed out man?”

“Oh, brah, that was not cool, brah, I went out with Chelsea and didn’t know there was a dick on my forehead, bro!”

“I know, bro, but it was too easy, so I’m sayin’ maybe you should lay off the fifties!”

“Dude, you make a valid point, dude!”

“Hey, man, why don’t you hit up the rimfire table for a little while, brah!”

“Oh brah, hey, is that Chelsea over there, too?”

“Heh, yeah dude, she’s into plinkin’, brah!”

“Oh no bro.  Bro!  I’m about to dump my clip, bro!”

“Dude, the house toilet’s ocupado, just go in the back yard!”


“Told you, like, brah, to lay of the fifties…”

This conversation brought to you by the 2011 Jell-O Mold Competition and people who are old enough to vote everywhere who wear floral deck shorts and flip-flops no matter what the altitude and/or climate they’re at.  (It’s nighttime, damit!  Take off your sunglasses!)

The official liquor of the bullet-shaped Jell-O shot is vodka by Kalashnikov.  Remember, a shot from this Kalashnikov won’t kill you.

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