This Week in Videos: Hitler Tries to Win's $500 Brownells Giveaway

Videos videos videos videos videos!

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

We can confirm that this chihuahua has been neutered. This sometimes happens when they no longer spend all that time thinking about licking: straight-up revenge.

This week’s been rough and tumble, we can say that for sure.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  In a stunning display of cooperation, the House passed a defense bill at the zero hour, right about when the Texas governor signed legislation that would award college credits to soldiers for their military experience.  And in far away Bristol, the county council started a zombie-themed disaster relief campaign that encouraged people to break the law.

In case you missed this gem put together by both FPSRussia and Epic Meal Time. Just don’t think about trigger discipline or mixing guns and bourbon. Instead, think about the bacon.

Congressman Leonard Boswell of Iowa and his grandson displayed remarkable bravery when they fought off a home invader, and at the same time the upscale strip club the Spearmint Rhino filed a trademark lawsuit against Chiappa that claims their Rhinos are too similar.  And just as the first U.S. troops in Afghanistan are getting called back home, the Army started testing on lightweight polymer-cased bullets for LMGs.

Baltimore, Maryland, Flint, Michigan, and Canton, Ohio all got bad news fine-tuned to the misfortune of each city; a proposed $1/bullet tax for Baltimore, a pair of bad cops for Canton, and the shocking truth that it’s the killingest city in the country for Flint.

All these people shootin’ them some chupacabra, it’s time to get back to our roots: Elvis. The King is still out there, eating babies to fuel his dark magics.

Thankfully, we had some pretty fine gun porn, and we got to review a pair of Smiths, a S&W Governor and what some believe to be the perfect revolver, the S&W Model 60.  We played with a Beretta 96, their service pistol chambered in the fortiest caliber, as well as the iconic Mossberg 500.  Oh, and don’t miss our Ode to the Boresnake.

And this one is straight from our own community, from member froglegs who has entered this into our Brownells giveaway pool, and it’s so damn good, we decided to put a spotlight on it.

So that’s it, that’s the recap of week 4, July 2011.  Now please, go shoot something.

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