Video: Tradition's Latest Pursuit Ultralight Muzzleloader

In their constant pursuit, oh, ha-ha, get it, Pursuit?  Let’s try that again, shall we?

Traditions is keeping the black powder ball rolling with their latest and lightest break-action, the Pursuit Ultralight.  It’s another in the outstanding line of Traditions’ modern muzzleloaders for hunters that like the class of shooting black powder whilst still using the red dots and fiber optics we’ve all come to know and love.

Like all of Traditions’ black powder guns it’s got a chromoly barrel, but this one’s fluted and mated to an aluminum alloy receiver and polymer stock that gets this Ultralight to weigh in at a scant 5.15lbs.  A rifle that weighs that little will not only not tire you out, you might suddenly think you’ve left it behind.

It doesn’t skimp on features, either.  It’s got their special blowback-limiting Accelerator breech plug for consistent and thorough firing, dual swivel sling studs, dual safeties, Cerakote finish, and it’s drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The Pursuit Ultralight is available in nine different .50 caliber packages, some with and others without Williams Fire Sights.  They all have 26-inch barrels but the finishes vary from their satin steel to deep blue, and their synthetic stocks come in black, camo, and thumbhole varieties.

Compared to simpler muzzleloaders, they’re priced at the high end of the spectrum, with retail prices hitting (gasp) $300; black powder is and always will be the cheapest fifty you’ll ever shoot, and given the features these rifles bring to the party its hard not to shell out for the sexy one.

So whether you’re a shooting enthusiast, a hunter with an eye towards the old school, or a reenactor that’s so hardcore you’ve trained your mustache to operate as a second pair of hands for reloading, Traditions’ Pursuit Ultralight’s worth a look.  Oh, and for right now, they come with a hat.  Woo, free hat!

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