Holy Smokes!: "Custom" Company Puts Cremated Remains in Ammo

If it’s always been your loved one’s dream, upon their death, to have their remains fired from the chamber of a high powered weapon, there’s one company that wants to make that far-fetched dream a reality.

Holy Smoke, LLC can help you give your deceased loved one a final sendoff by packing their cremated ashes into any number of popular rifle, pistol or shotgun rounds, giving a whole new meaning to a 21-gun salute. That’s right, and you may then take that one last trip with grandpa to the target range, or the pheasant hunting club, or wherever you please.

Hell, maybe nobody’s quite sure what to do with old uncle Joe’s remains. Is there any finer way to pay tribute than by taking uncle Joe on that African safari he never had? Wouldn’t he be proud to have his ashes packed into the casing of a high-powered .338 Magnum cartridge, then pounded through the tough hide of an eland or a water buffalo? It’s an ironic way to end one creatures life while celebrating the life of another.

Or what about grandma, who spent her last days complaining about those squirrels who were wreaking havoc on her bird feeders – not to mention those rabbits that were ravaging her flower beds. What better way to celebrate her life than to head a-yard with old grandma in toe (packed into some .22 LR cartridges, that is) to finish the work she never could?

And don’t forget man’s best friend. Just because old Ringo passed years ago doesn’t mean that you can’t still team up for duck season for years to come.

But the price tag isn’t cheap. A box of “custom” shotgun shells will cost you about $1,250. Other more “mantle-worthy” options include wooden handcrafted boxes sporting custom labels.

It’s that tasteful way to broach a tough subject: “Hey, Great-Uncle Louie…I know you’re not around anymore, but wanna go plinkin’?”

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