Video: Freaking Laser Arrows!

Laser arrows.  Wait, one more time for full effect:

Laser. Arrows.


So yeah.  They’re out there.  Now the world finally has an alternative to attempting to beat our predators and prey to death with our own severed limbs; never again will live in the shadow of fear cast by landsharks, razorbears, and gun ducks.  And it’s all thanks to Clean-Shot Archery.

The ongoing miniaturization of laser diodes and light-focusing optics has led to heaps of cheap laser sights, laser pointers, and all sorts of other laser devices.  But for a first, Clean-Shot’s put them inside the heads of arrows for archers who absolutely, positively, must kill every dude in the room, assuming there’s just the one or maybe another.  But honestly, these are for hunters.

Not to say you can’t practice with them, since they sell target arrows that can be fired with or without blades, and all their arrows’ lasers are adjustable with an included wrench.  The difference between the broadheads and the target arrowheads are the tips; the target arrowheads are plain, the broadheads, serrated.  Both feature sharpened steel wings, and again: lasers.

Clear-Shot arrows aren’t one-and-done, either.  They have a whole slew of accessories for these reusable, rechargable arrowheads, from replacement blades and batteries, to hollowpoint tips to add mass, even extra car chargers.  The only downside: a hundred and forty bucks for a two-arrow starter kit.  Still, compared to the crazy amounts we spend on other shooting accessories, these almost seems too awesomely practical to not want.

And anyone who says this defeats the spirit of archery is either a troll or has never had the bad luck to stumble into the den of a desert knifopus.  You will, one day; and you’ll wish you had freaking laser arrows.

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