Proof that Glock is King: Glock Grenade Launchers

We’ve always believed that Glocks are good handguns, but there’s always something they need to make them great.  And you know what?  A trigger job just isn’t enough.  Sometime they need new sights, depending on their application they need great big magazines, and sometimes, well, sometimes they call for… explosives.

Yep, that’s a Glock with a grenade launcher.  It’s not your standard M203 as you can tell from the trigger guard (not existing) and the rear mount uses a Picatinny device to stay put, but yes, that’s a Glock you can rock out with.

It’s clearly got a very serviceable optics mount there, although we don’t recognize its make, but you know for these tactical jobs it pays to have them custom-made.

And atop that rail is a no-frills carrying handle rear sight and simple post front.  We think, though, to complete this pistol, the rear sight should be fitted with a riser and a scope.

Above all, simplicity reigns with this fine pistol, although we do think it’s a stock short a complete tactical defense platform.  All in all, a very good start.

Yes, without a doubt this is a prime rig to keep your home safe, or to keep in the car for emergencies.  Hey, you can also use it for flares, so anyone who says it’s “impractical” or “dangerous” doesn’t have a leg to stand on, do they?  But we do hope it’s proud owner stocks up on plenty of extended magazines.

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