Mexico Invades U.S., Accidentally

Last week, 33 armed soldiers of the Mexican Army invaded the United States at the international bridge that crosses the Rio Grande at Donna, Texas.  The soldiers were traveling in a convoy of four Humvees.  Of the many questions this incident raises, the most obvious is: does this mean war? 

No.  The whole thing, it turns out, was an accident.  According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson, Rick Pauza, the soldiers were in pursuit of a South Texas resident and when they traveled onto the bridge they didn’t realize they could not turn the Humvees around unless they entered the United States.  

A local Texas newspaper in McAllen, The Monitor, reported that the incident was “inadvertent” and “There are times when an incident such as this occurs.”

Pauza shed some more light on the subject, “CBP has established protocols in place to handle such incident and all personnel have been processed as per those protocols. They returned to Mexico without incident.”

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