This Week in Video: DIY Laser Rifles, DIY Bomb Disposal

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Oh man, are we ready to start packing in the weekend.  Things kicked off on the right-slash-wrong foot when spree killer in potentia Naser Jason Abdo planned on bombing something and shooting the place up, (wrong) although he wasn’t sure if he was going to hit Ft. Hood or like, a Hardee’s, but was caught because a gun store owner called the police to let them know something hinky was going on (right).

Nearly forgot!  We’re giving away a Ruger LCR. Give a like with your Facepage and let us know why you need a cool little polymer-framed back-up 5-shot revolver (as per The Rules).

Note: when in Lithuania, do not park in the bike lane. It will anger Mayor Tank.

Mexico kinda-sorta invaded the United States for a little while there.  That was uneventful, they didn’t even stop by the Arizona branch of the ATF for “snacks”.  Seriously, you could steal a lock box and face greater repercussions.

People are pissed at Chiappa for tagging their firearms with RFID chips, although we question the great security flaws therein.  Besides, yes you will be able to remove them and no they will not track you from space.  Still, if RFID takes off in more nefarious ways, we’re pretty sure the market for used guns is gonna do well.

Naturally, violence in Norway has led to politicking in the U.S., despite the fact that life there is relatively unchanged.  And as our forces are withdrawing from Iraq, a few desperate stones get thrown.  The interesting thing is that the stones are coming from Iran.

A big, somewhat controversial, considerably more popular announcement by the Veterans’ Affairs Department: marijuana has health benefits and should be considered as having therapeutic value.  And the state of Florida issued a law preempting localities from passing restrictive gun legislation.

Apply directly to face. No, wait, don’t apply directly to face!

Crossman, they make BB guns and stuff, teamed up with the Marines to make Airsoft equipment for them as well as the general public.  It’s all fun and games until you get tuckered out and decide to go get beers.  Detonics, they make 1911s and stuff, leaked a photo of their upcoming modular .45.  It looks a little prototype-y but very, very promising.  Speaking of photos: Camera Guns!

According to some people in Utah, target shooters have been causing wildfires.  While the Utah Shooting Sports Council doesn’t believe it’s the bullets starting the fires (and neither do we) they aren’t saying it’s entirely not their fault.  Where there’s smoke, there’s also tobacco.

We’re pretty sure this copper’s graduated from Taser school, he may now carry a firearm should he choose anything other than fisticuffs and murderous stares.

In an effort to make Canton, Ohio appear less shameful by comparison, Baltimore city councilman Bobby Curran went on the damn TV and told people to lie to the police about there being guns to get faster (and more on-edge) police response.  But we’re not going to end on a shit note: the NSSF is also filing suit against the DOJ and the ATF for modifying the Gun Control Act unconstitutionally.

And lastly, we went shooting.  Shot an HK45C, and, not that the name gives anything away, it’s a pretty cool Heckler & Kock Compact .45 ACP handgun.

We also reviewed, in forty calibers each, a polymer old-timer fixed up for the current generation the Fabrique Nationale FNP, and the sly service SIG-Sauer SP2022.

You know you’re pissed that some frat kid is doing this and not you. ‘Cause that is simultaneously grand fun and hilarious. Take away his beer and show him how a professional couch surfer gets things done.

There, now have a good weekend, and please, go shoot something.  Or at the very least, surf the couch very, very well.

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