Introducing the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw: As In, Chainsaw Grip

Ever been out dicing up wood all day with your trusty chainsaw, only to come home and have a helluva time getting your hands to understand the grip on your 12-gauge? To answer one question with another: Haven’t we all? Maybe the obvious conclusion here is that some engineer over at Mossberg went into a design meeting fresh off an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness marathon. It’s as if, like Bruce, the engineer thought to himself: Why not combine this…..and this?

The result: the chainsaw shotgun.

bruce campbell holding a shotgun in army of the dead

Thankfully for all the Bruce Campbell lovers and zombie haters out there, our good friends at Mossberg have been so kind as to solve this issue by affixing a chainsaw grip to the aptly named new Mossberg 500 Chainsaw.

According to the manufacturer, the chainsaw grip gives “this pistol-gripped model added muzzle control.” And get this: the 500 Chainsaw includes not one…not two…but three fore-end rails with removable side rails, meaning this gun can be customized to do much more than cut wood.

mossberg 500 tactical being held

Mossberg also assures customers that the chainsaw grip “is easily removable for rapid conversion to a standard forend.” Perhaps the most convincing argument to date for the utility of this firearm comes from Big Daddy Hoffman, who put together the informal zombie training video below. In the video, Bid Daddy outlines what it might be like to mow down a few undead ghouls with the Chainsaw 500. OohRah!

So whether you need a bit of added control while swinging this baby across the flight path of an unfortunate grouse, or if your paws have just gotten a hair too comfortable raking that Husqvarna across some unsuspecting maple, the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw’s got what it takes. Oh, and by the way, you can eject and reload using the “chainsaw grip,” too.

electric chainsaw

All in all, the features on this shotgun make it the perfect gun for the plinkers and zombie hunters alike. There’s no word yet on whether a slug barrel is available. But word on the street is that Bruce Campbell already has his copy of the 500 Chainsaw, and there’s talk of a three-film deal.

army of darkness chainsaw

Next up, Mossberg Boomstick?

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