Crossbreed Takes New Steps: Introducing the Ankle Carry

When it comes to top-tier holster companies, when you want one for inside your pants, or outside, you can’t really beat Crossbreed.  They’re large, they’re expensive, they’re hand-made, and they’ll last forever.  Even if you manage to break their cow- or horse-leather and Kydex holsters, they under warranty, for like, ever.

Crossbreed makes in-the-waistband, on-the-waistband, slide, tuck, pancake, and clip holsters.  For a while now they’ve also made bedside holsters and their glue-it-to-anything, stitch-it-into-your-bag Ohai, both good Crossbreed versions of classic holsters, as well as their tactical/duty holsters for waist, leg, or vest (the Last Ditch).

They do not make an ankle holster or a shoulder holster.  Not to say you’ll have to go elsewhere, though, not with Crossbreed’s new Ankle Carry.

Crossbreed’s decided to import ankle holsters from Israel rather than make them, from an unnamed manufacturer that builds them not just for Crossbreed but the Israeli police and the IDF.  They’ll get covered by Crossbreed’s exceptional warranty and promise comfort and safety.  Of course, which holster company doesn’t?

Our Ankle Rig offers a deep cover concealment option for small guns. With it’s calf support strap, this ankle rig won’t be riding down and slapping your ankle bone.  It also features a padded ankle section for greater comfort and a thumb break for secure carry even in rigorous activity while still being easy to draw from if needed.

But the world’s come to expect more from Crossbreed, and they price things accordingly.  If you’re a “You Get What You Pay For” person, then you’ll be happy to know that the Ankle Carry will run $65.70.  It’s available in left and right hand (leg?) models, for the following pistols: Glocks 26, 27, and 33, Kahr PM9, Smith J-frames, Wesson M&P Compacts, Sig P232, Springfield XD Sub-Compacts, and two generic “fits most” holsters for 5-shot revolvers and small self-loading pistols.

Is the Crossbreed blessing enough to get you to consider this for your next ankle holster?

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